Stone Sealing

Natural Stone is an excellent choice as decking for swimming pools, patios, or walkways. Many people choose stone for its natural beauty, color, and variety of textures. Whether you choose flagstone, travertine, or slate to use in your project, you should seal the stone after installation. Stone is naturally porous which means it will absorb water, dirt, and oils. Whether the water comes from rain or an irrigation system, it will have calcium in it, which, after time, will deposit into the stone leaving white lines or creating a dull, foggy appearance.

Saltwater Pools are extremely popular these days and are a wonderful choice for many reasons. However, saltwater will eventually cause all stone, particularly flagstone and slate, to discolor, flake, and disintegrate. If you are a saltwater pool owner with flagstone coping, you have most likely already noticed the sand in the bottom of your pool. The salt from the pool water penetrates into the flagstone and slowly breaks apart the layers causing accelerated spalling or flaking.

When Sealant is applied to the natural stone it is protected from absorbing water, calcium, or salt deposits. Premier Protection Sealers penetrate deeply into the substrate where it consolidates and strengthens the stone. It prevents saltwater erosion and also retards efflorescence of porous materials. Premier Protection sealant does not simply cover of the stone, it actually becomes part of the stone, absorbing deep into it, preventing salt water spalling and porous rock erosion.

If you have an Outdoor Kitchen or grill area with natural stone you know how hard it is to avoid grease spills or drippings and how other messes can damage or permanently stain unprotected stone. Premier Protection sealant will help your natural stone resist many stains and makes clean up and removal easier than unprotected stone.

Your backyard is your own personal paradise. You painstakingly designed the outdoor space, choosing the quality stones and finishes to create the perfect outdoor entertaining area - now call Premier Stone Protection to preserve your investment.

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